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Avast Free Antivirus 2016

Avast Free Antivirus 2016 Review

Avast has kept the same basic design over the past few years and editions however the 2016 version has given the program an entirely new design. Instead of including a wide...
Time Inc

Time Inc. Is Looking To Purchase Yahoo’s Core Business

Digital media and magazine publisher Time Inc. is rumored to buy Yahoo's core business according to a Bloomberg report. The $1.5 billion publishing company Time Inc., whose publications include Time, People, Sports Illustrated, and Fortune has heard a...
Microsoft Edge Extensions

Microsoft Is Developing Extensions For Its Edge Browser

Internet Explorer which is on a slow ride to being killed for good might have another nail in its coffin due to an update from Microsoft. Microsoft is going to be...

Google Traffic Is 77% Encrypted

Google has been making a large push towards encrypting the entire internet. By making it a ranking factor, giving an https option for Blogger and converting all Gmail traffic to https.However,...
Times Square

The New York Times Is Testing Pop-Up Ads

The New York Times is one of the latest in a stream of websites that is employing a pop-up advertisement and its encouraging users to whitelist their website according to a...

Google Sets Up Camera For Animal Selfies In LA Zoo

Google has partnered with the Los Angeles Zoo to add cameras into some of the animals enclosures.Google has set up high-text cameras in the animal enclosures all over the L.A Zoo...
Google Posts

Google Debuts Google Posts

Google has released a new tool for celebrities, businesses, and presidential candidates to share information that will feed directly into Google's search results.The new tool dubbed Google Posts, is an invite-only tool...

Google Is Designing The Seats, Interior Molds, And Even The Lighting Inside Its Self-Driving...

There are many questions around Google's self-driving cars such as what will the inside of the vehicles look and feel like.While its still early as these cars are still in the...

Google Launches Search Engine For Children

Since Google launched in 1998 it has developed the phrase "Google It" the all encompassing phrase to find all the latest information and news on the internet.Google has also been working...
Google Logo

Google accuses 9to5Google website of trademark violation

9to5Google has been in operation for over five years now without any problem but today Google has decided that the Google-focused tech site is in violation of its trademark by using...

Viggle Review

Viggle is a free Android app that allows you to make money by collecting points from watching TV. While the idea may seem rather odd Viggle actually does work and it...

Baidu Antivirus 2015 Review

Another one of the popular antivirus suites that are making their way from China into the U.S market is Baidu Antivirus 2015. The program has a load of features that are...
Avast 2015

Avast Free Antivirus 2015 Review

Avast has made some interesting changes in recent years and it has made bold attempts to simplify its user interface. By merging shields and attempting to be an all in one...
Baidu PC Faster

Baidu PC Faster Review

Baidu PC Faster is a PC performance software published by the Chinese internet giant Baidu. PC Faster comes with a lot of built-in features that rival that of Advanced System Care...
Multinews Theme

Multinews Theme Review

Multinews is a premium theme published by Momizat a team based in Egypt. While their portfolio is not the largest their themes are high quality and comes with many features. Multinews is...

Automattic Reveals A New WordPress Desktop Application

Automattic the company behind WordPress, has released a new free open source desktop application users called Calypso for the Mac.Calypso is meant to act as a desktop version of the

Restore User IP On WordPress When Using CloudFlare

CloudFlare acts as reverse proxy for your users and a common issue when you are using CloudFlare is that you will not be shown the user IP Address but instead you...

CloudFlare Adds Its 37th Data Center

CloudFlare has announced on their blog, that they have added a new data center in Romania. This new data center tallies as its 37th data center and it is the first...
Blogger Compressed HTML

How To Compress Your Blogger Blog’s HTML

If you are using a Blogger based website, chances are is that you are going to run into a speed issue sooner or later. While Blogger is extremely fast as it...
AddThis WordPress Plugin

The 7 Slowest WordPress Sharing Plugins

AddThis  In a report by WP Rocket, AddThis added an additional 1.22-1.28 seconds on a websites load time and increased the overall page size by 726.3 KB. That's a considerable amount for...

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