Friday, October 21, 2016

Jetpack 4.3 Beta Built With React.JS

Jetpack 4.3
Automattic has been making a push to use JavaScript into its various products. Late 2015 the company released Calypso which was powered by React.js and the WordPress REST API. It was built to allow you to control your website(s) from your computer whether you are on Windows, MAC, or Linux-based machine. The company has now made an announcement in regards...

Microsoft Starts Testing Next Window’s 10 Major Update

Windows 10 Anniversary Update
While Microsoft has only recently released it's Windows 10 Anniversary Update, it's already getting ready to unveil new features for its next major update. The next major update which is being dubbed "Redstone 2" already has a beta build for Windows Insiders to begin testing. While this new update doesn't include any features yet as Microsoft is still in...

IObit Applock Review

IObit Applockvideo
IObit has released a new app for Android devices targeted towards improving security and privacy for their users. This new app is dubbed IObit Applock which may get many of you saying great just another app locking app there are 3 million of those already. In which case you are right but are also mistaking. IObit Applock has added a...

Facebook Declares State Of War In The Philippines

Facebook Philippines Flag Inverted
Countries from around the world have different symbols to symbolize a state of war or conflict. For instance, in the United States users would say burning the flag is a symbol for a state of war while others would say this is nonsense. However, in the Philippines inverting the flag symbolizes a state of war. Inverting the flag makes it...

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Push Is Deceptive

Microsoft first announced the release of Windows 10 that it would be a free update for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. This was a smart move for the company because it would be enticing for users and the company wanted to push developers to create applications for its Windows App Store. The App Store was a brilliant idea in...

WordPress Solve Expires Headers Not Working

wordpress speed and optimization
A common issue you might see in Page Speed Insights or GTmetrix is to add expires headers for your content but what does this mean? Expires headers are a fancy way of the server saying to a browser you should save these files in your cache for x amount of time. The browser will then respond with ok and...

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