Cyber Vandal Renames Trump Tower “Dump Tower”

Donald Trump

A cyber vandal has renamed Trump Tower to Dump Tower on Google Maps. The tower was renamed Saturday night and was visible by zooming in on the tower’s location via Google Maps.

The culprit behind this change also transliterated the Skyscraper’s title to Russian Cyrillic characters which could have been done to mock Donald Trump’s close ties to Russia that was shown through the entire campaign season.

It is a little unclear if the president-elect has even noticed the changes due to the lack of response on his official Twitter account.

A Google Spokesperson told the Associated Press Sunday that it was going to revert the changes and that inaccuracies can happen. The reason for this is because ideally when a user makes a change to a building, road, or anything else it’s to be checked and approved by an official moderator however, it looks like this time it was passed through quickly and not fact checked.

The web conglomerate allows users to edit roads, businesses, and other landmarks in their Map Maker service, but all changes are ideally reviewed and approved by moderators, according to a Google Maps FAQ. This concept of openness is meant to allow for always up to date information, but it also has been used for other purposes.

This open source tool has often been used to create pranks such as renaming many land marks including The White House for many political reasons and or to mock the outcomes of elections.

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