Saturday, January 21, 2017
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BuddyPress Logo

BuddyPress Activity Share Free BuddyPress Plugin

I formally released a very basic but handy BuddyPress plugin over the weekend. The plugin named BuddyPress Activity Share is a very simple plugin...
Jetpack 4.3

Jetpack 4.3 Beta Built With React.JS

Automattic has been making a push to use JavaScript into its various products. Late 2015 the company released Calypso which was powered by React.js...
wordpress speed and optimization

WordPress Solve Expires Headers Not Working

A common issue you might see in Page Speed Insights or GTmetrix is to add expires headers for your content, but what does this...
XenForo Logo

How To Optimize Xenforo

Xenforo is a very powerful and well-built forum software that is used by thousands of forums all over the internet. Xenforo while fast out...

Automattic Reveals A New WordPress Desktop Application

Automattic the company behind WordPress, has released a new free open source desktop application users called Calypso for the Mac.Calypso is meant to act...

Restore User IP On WordPress When Using CloudFlare

CloudFlare acts as reverse proxy for your users and a common issue when you are using CloudFlare is that you will not be shown...