Thursday, October 20, 2016
Website Security

Website Security

The Daily Exposition employs many different systems to protect its self, here we show you what you can do.

Improve Your WordPress Websites Security With Ithemes Security

Ithemes Security is a WordPress Plugin that is meant to improve the security of your website by rewriting the htaccess file to block requests...

Facebook Malware: Color Change

One of the oldest Facebook scams has been resurrected to haunt the lives of over 10,000 users according to Cheetah Mobile. Facebook color changer is...

WordPress & Drupal Both Release Security Patch

Yesterday WordPress and Drupal released a security update that if you haven't downloaded yet you need to do that NOW. The patch was to...

Facebook Privacy Lawsuit Limited To 25,000 Complaints

A lawyer who is planning to sue Facebook over privacy allegations has limited complaints to 25,000 after his overwhelming support. Max Schrems the lawyer behind...

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