IObit Applock Review

IObit Applock introduces a new lightweight app to protect your privacy and security.


IObit has released a new app for Android devices targeted towards improving security and privacy for their users. This new app is dubbed IObit Applock which may get many of you saying great just another app locking app there are 3 million of those already. In which case you are right but are also mistaking.

IObit Applock has added a lot of unique features and approaches to expand beyond the simple app locking apps that we are used too. For instance what if you could protect more than just apps what about their notifications and other private information there are several approaches that this app makes to improve your mobile security.


More than just an app locking app IObit Applock comes with the ability to protect your notifications. If you have an app like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, the content will be hidden in your notification window so no one can know about your private messages unless they are able to unlock your app in which case they would need to know the pattern to unlock it.

OTP Lock is another interesting feature in IObit Applock it basically says if you are using a banking app or something handling material you might need to check but want to lock after a set amount of time you can do so. If you open an app with OTP Lock you will have 90 seconds before you need to unlock the app again this is to prevent people from accessing the information in the event your phone doesn’t lock so they can’t access your financial or personal information.

Fake Lock is probably the most interesting feature that the app offers you are able to give a pseudo lock screen to your apps. For instance, if someone opens up Facebook you can show an imagine of say a cat and then to unlock this app you would need to tap the screen three times in a particular spot. The other version of Fake Lock is where if someone opens the app you are given a fake error warning that says something along the lines of Facebook is not responding with an ok button underneath it if you push it three times you will gain access to the app.

Intruder Selfie is a good way of identifying if someone, for instance, your girlfriend is attempting to get into your device. If she fails three times then you will get a picture taken of her and it will be sent to your email. This is an interesting feature if your phone isn’t stolen and someone you know and are close to is attempting to access your apps, however, past that it has very little value.


This is a very solid app in testing it worked very well it has a beautiful user interface that follows Google’s material design policy and it was very easy to setup. While my own antivirus has app locking built in I have never actually bothered to use this feature. However, it does prove to be useful if you are more focused on your phone’s security.

If you are not using any form of antivirus but still want the ability to protect your privacy and personal information than IObit’s Applock is a quick safe, and reliable way to protect your apps the best part is that its 100% free.

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