Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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U.S. Might Send Lethal Aid To Ukraine

The United States government is considering sending lethal aid Ukraine to aid the government in fending off attacks from pro-Russian rebels.Before everyone jumps the...
First National Bank of Gamestop

This Man Uses GameStop As A Bank

GameStop which is famous for giving poor deals on your trade-ins and annoying many users for their game selection is now a bank! Okay,...

Atheists Rewrite 10 Commandments

Atheists have written their own version of the ten commandments. The commandments were chosen from submissions to the Atheist Mind Humanist Heart's Re-Think Prize.The project allowed submissions directly to the Atheist Mind Humanist Heart’s website....
Daily Show Targets Atheists In Its Recent Video

Daily Show Targets Atheists In Its Recent Video

A recent video from the Daily Show has done something a little different. Instead of targeting Christians or politicians, they have targeted atheists. This...
Terminator Genisys Trailer

Terminator Genisys Trailer Released

Terminator Genisys, the next movie planned for the series, has released their first trailer for the upcoming film. The movie is set in 2029 where...
North Korea Says U.S Created Ebola

North Korea Says U.S Created Ebola

North Korea has had some of the worst reactions to the Ebola outbreak. Ever since the outbreak has started North Korea has had one...