Saturday, October 22, 2016
App Reviews

App Reviews

Between Android and iPhone there are millions of apps and some of them are not that good others though are wonderful.

360 Clean Droid Review

360 Clean Droid is a mobile app published by Qihoo 360 that has one simple goal improving the performance of your mobile device. 360...

Advanced Mobile Care Review

Advanced Mobile Care is an Android antivirus and optimization app that comes with many features to keep your device in tip-top shape. Advanced Mobile...

CM Security Applock & Antivirus Review

CM Security App lock & Antivirus comes with many handy features and a powerful antivirus. The program has a 6 time winning streak with...

Avast Mobile Security Review

Avast mobile security is one of the most downloaded antivirus apps on the Android market place and for good reason the brand is reliable...

Sonic Dash Review

Sonic Dash is a game that is similar to that of Temple Run. The game is simply you running around a three lanes on...

360 Mobile Safe Review

360 Mobile Safe is a mobile antivirus created by the Chinese antivirus Qihoo and it comes with some unique features that you would not...

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