Samsung Will Make Chips For The Upcoming Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Samsung has been chosen to produce components for the upcoming Apple Watch, according to a report by MacRumors.

Samsung will be in charge of building Apple’s new S1 system in a package chipset that is specifically designed to work for its new Apple Watch. The best thing is this new chip is essentially an all in one package as it includes all of the sensors and processors for the device.

The Korea Times reported that Samsung would be making a majority of Apple’s chips for their iPhones and iPads for this year. This is a good sign as it shows that despite the lawsuits and troubled past that the companies have together they are still managing to work together for each others benefit. This will help Samsung stay on top of the manufacturing game as the company has not done too well in its own mobile department recently. As it seems Samsung is struggling to draw in the same appeal that they were with the Galaxy S3.

There is no official announcement for when Apple Watch will launch, but one report says that Apple is currently in the process of training its employees on the watch and skeptics believe they will be ready for a full release come March.

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