Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Google Sets Up Camera For Animal Selfies In LA Zoo

Google has partnered with the Los Angeles Zoo to add cameras into some of the animals enclosures. Google has set up high-text cameras in the...
Google Posts

Google Debuts Google Posts

Google has released a new tool for celebrities, businesses, and presidential candidates to share information that will feed directly into Google's search results. The new tool...

Google Is Designing The Seats, Interior Molds, And Even The Lighting Inside Its Self-Driving...

There are many questions around Google's self-driving cars such as what will the inside of the vehicles look and feel like. While its still early...

Google Launches Search Engine For Children

Since Google launched in 1998 it has developed the phrase "Google It" the all encompassing phrase to find all the latest information and news...
Google Logo

Google accuses 9to5Google website of trademark violation

9to5Google has been in operation for over five years now without any problem but today Google has decided that the Google-focused tech site is...

Google Promising “New Treats” Coming On September 29

There have been rumors swirling around the internet that Google will be revealing its new Nexus device in San Francisco on September 29th, and...

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