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I have personally used this plugin before on The Arcade Corner and it has made the job a lot easier. While I still like to make videos for the games it is fun to go in and import all these types of games at the blink of an eye. I always have an issue to where I will get distracted playing the games and neglecting my duties as the administrator. The game has wonderful support and I aid a large chunk of the community on the proper forums.

If you are looking for an arcade script on the WordPress platform there is none better than My Arcade Plugin Pro.

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My Arcade Plugin Pro allows you to automatically publish 70,000 games to your website without requiring any manual action. You can collect the users scores from the games using services such as GamerSafe, IBPArcade, and PHPBB making it easy to host competitions between gamers. To make the deal even better, when you purchase the plugin you get three additional plugins to make your arcade site better, and a free theme that is highly customizable called FunGames. If you are targeted a non english market you will have no troubles because My Arcade Plugin Pro can automatically translate your content using the Microsoft or Google Translator API (you are able to manually translate as well to save money). The best part is the sense of unity and community that you will get because this plugin is fully compatible with BBPress and BuddyPress.

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1 review for My Arcade Plugin Pro

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    5 out of 5


    A great plugin that I couldn’t live without.

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